Chelsea Gets Roughly Interrogated

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This little piggy needs to learn a bit faster. PD does not have a lot of patience for Chelsea. He wants her to answer his questions quickly. She is supposed to follow his orders immediately and without question. The way she complains you would think he was demanding the world. Fuck the dildo, bear the pain, and cum on demand. And damn it, don\’t expect to leave until you can do all three perfectly.

The Mask of SD

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The iron mask that Sister Dee is wearing looks terrible but the effect is mostly mental. All of the other equipment is much more physical. Mouse traps hold her cunt open so PD can flog her clit. Iron bars press her tits until the pressure leaves bruises. The plastic wrap probably seems like a blessing but it holds her in place just as tightly. Trust PD to have a new device for each position.

Katharine Cain On Deck

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Katharine Cain has fallen for the classic trap. A few sessions with our crew and she thinks that she can handle the ideas from our members. That is why we love bringing in new girls every month for RealTimeBondage. They never realize just how brutal our members can be. The membership loves being able to give their ideas and control the action from around the world. No other live feeds compare.

Humilaiton pain sluts get with PD of Insex

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Complete Humiliation Slut Femcar
femcar is a complete bondage and humiliation slut. It does not matter what PD throws at her, she will continue to serve him completely. The more pain she is made to endure the more her pussy swells with juices. PD can explore the most sadistic annals of his mind freely and all she will do is get wet and beg for more. The abuse is everything a bitch like femcar needs. she cannot help cumming floods for PD while he violates every hole on her body.

Natalie Minx Fetching Slut
Natalie minx is a fetching little slut who is completely helpless against the likes of PD. He has got her bent over in no time and her tight little ass gets some wonderful time with the cane. Being PDs play thing is so hot for her that she just can’t get enough. When she is on her own she ties herself up just so she can get herself off. Since natalie is so hungry for more PD gives it to her. Mr. Pogo fills her cunt so it does not get lonely while PD canes her feet and her magnificent tits. PD is not such a bad guy that he would deny a girl her pleasure, though. If the bitch likes to cum so much, he is happy to help. In fact, PD gets so many orgasms from her cunt cannot take anymore.


Topgrl, Infernal Restraints, Realtime Bondage BDSM

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LilyAnna the Suffering Slut 03/11/2010
A burlap sack is as effective a hood as anything else. It keeps Lilyanna blind and terrified so Sister Dee can torment her body AND mind. When Dee is satisfied she has screamed enough she discards the hood and slips on a ball gag. Lilyanna is an easy bitch to make cum. Finger-fuck her ass a bit and keep the vibrator firmly on her clit and even through a gag she will sing out her orgasms.

Syd Paying Her Debts 03/11/2010
When Syd loses a bunch of her money Sister Dee will not let the debt go unpaid. Syd does not have the cash so Dee will have to take it from her hide with interest. Her debt recovery methods may be harsh but they get the job done. Whips, chains, floggers and canes; every tool Dee can reach is going to leave its mark across Syd. Each mark will be a reminder to double check her investment strategy.

Elise Hooded but Struggling 03/11/2010
Elise has a lot of fight in her, something Sister Dee is going to correct. The more she struggles the tougher Dee will have to be. Dee has floggers and whips that are perfect for willful sluts who need to learn their place. Elise is in an even worse position because Sister Dee tied her up with her pussy exposed. A few lashings there are a great way to make an impression.

Sophie Suffers Homemade Torment 03/11/2010
Sister Dee likes arts and crafts. She takes a trip to Dom Depot for supplies and when she gets back Sophie is test her creations. Homemade dildos, gags and clamps are quick and easy to make. Making a slut like Sophie suffer enough to earn her orgasms is even easier. She will do anything Dee asks if it means she can cum again. The pleasure Dee can give is worth the pain she can inflict.

Nyssa Nevers Never Quits 03/11/2010
Nyssa Nevers never quits. Sister Dee may put her through hell, but she will love every second. Pain sluts are like her just beg for more. It is probably better that way. Even if Nyssa would beg for mercy, it is not like Sister Dee would show her any. She likes turning good girls into great whores. That takes discipline. Every bitch Dee gets her hands on she breaks, uses and throws away.

Beverly Hills Bondage Bitch 03/11/2010
Beverly loves to play with other girls. There is something about submitting to them that just turns her on. Sister Dee is perfect for her. It’s been while since Beverly has had the pleasure of serving by suffering. Dee is a hard person to satisfy. She can cause so much pain and promises so much pleasure as a reward. How could someone like Beverly, a slut who loves pain, resist that kind of offer?

Star Learns to Beg 03/11/2010
Star knows how to beg, but she does not quite know the right words. You see, when she yells, Please stop, Sister Dee hears, Right there! When she screams, Oh god it hurts, she expects Dee to care. But the only requests Sister Dee seems to hear are the ones asking for more. Please cane my thighs. Please, on my feet. Thank you so much. Those kinds of favors she will take care of right away.

Kristine Loves Serving Cock 03/11/2010
Some women are slaves, best used for service. Others are bitches, their suffering IS their value. Kristine is the 3rd kind, a slut with holes that beg to be filled. The look in her eye when she sucks cock cries for approval. When PD bends her over and pounds her cunt she just begs for more. Getting rammed with cock is its own reward. It is the most beautiful of submissions.

Samantha Begging to Cum 03/11/2010
Samantha Grace is a slut who needs to feel dominated. She will love any man who can make her submit. Master A is almost more than she can handle. She moans like a whore when he hurts her and he can see it in her eyes, she belongs to him. By the time he is done with her she will be begging to be allowed to serve him in any way possible. She would not even cum without his permission.

Calico Serving Claire Adams

Claire Adams is a hot star with a mean streak a mile long. When she gets her hands on the equally sexy Calico she finds every fear and turn-on, then uses them all against her. She enjoys pushing pain sluts like Calico to their limit. Calico, for her part, gets wet at the very idea of enduring pain for the pleasure of another. Knowing she is going to be used makes her pussy drip with anticipation.


submissive cocksucking sluts

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Calico Gets Double-Teamed
Everyone loves fucking with Calico so much that SD and PD decide to share her. Together they take advantage of her in so many ways. Plenty of women love being full of cock, but only a few enjoy the trashy feeling that comes along with having their face covered in cum. It is the willingness to go the extra mile, to be completely debased in her submission that makes Calico so much fun to play with.

PD Transporting Prisoner Calico
PD is transporting his prisoner out to his private farm. You may not be able to tell through the hood, but Calico is actually quite excited. The weight hanging from her cunt sways with the motion of the van. When it swings too far there is a surprising shock in store for her. It is really the precursor for her day in the barn. Things will be much more intense once she is there.

412 And Claire Celebrate
When 412 got a new job she decided to hang out with Claire Adams and celebrate. She seemed surprised when the celebration turns carnal. Claire has a plan that involves a bit of humiliation and more than a little pain. The more Claire can make 412 cry the happier, and hornier, they both will be. The way they feed off of each other is so hot, the erotic energy multiplies as it passes between

Young Fit Slut Bethany
Bethany is a young bondage slut and PD is the professorial, and perverse, old man. He knows a million ways to make her beg for mercy. She is a masochist and the pain pushes her to new heights. The humiliation that he heaps upon her further escalates her sexual tension. He spreads his cum across her face and it makes her cunt wet, even as her eyes begin to tear.

Calico the Musical Instrument
Fucking with Calico is like playing an instrument. She makes so many glorious sounds that PD and SD have to play a symphony on her ass. They even put a cone around her head to help with the acoustics. And when they have heard enough of her song, they drag her out back and tend to their little bitch. A few puppy treats and an uncomfortable cage are her reward for a day well spent.

Bethany Getting Crammed Full
Bethany is going to take a lot of dick. PD has a collection of cocks to make sure she does not have to go a minute without her holes full. He starts her off easy but this day is going to end with all of her holes raw. After he gags her on his dick and stretches her pussy to the limit with his inflatable Mr. Pogo, he has a fucking machine with her name on it. She is going to cum until she cries.

Sarah Jane Attempts Escape
PD must really like Sarah Jane Ceylon. He is nicer to her than the other pretty sluts that he keeps. At least until she tries to run away. The next time she decides she wants to make a run for it she will think twice. The memory of this punishment will keep her better than ropes or cages ever could. In minutes she is begging for mercy, but PD will not give up until he is sure she has learned.

Elise Getting Cocksucking Classes
PD wanted his cock sucked and he wanted it done well, so when Elise Graves manages to botch the job there is going to be hell to pay. He is going to give her worse than she can imagine. Her skills will never be enough to satisfy him and he gets as much joy from caning her as he does having her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. She better learn to love the pain as much as he loves giving it.

Elise Having Painful Orgasms

she can take and the results hot. She starts off moaning but it ends in screams. Each orgasm makes her pussy more sensitive to the vibration coursing through her clit until it is almost too painful to bear. Sister Dee does her the favor of distracting her from the fire in her cunt, but the pain she inflicts just drives Elise even more wild.

Best BDSM Videos

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PD evokes many emotions from women under his control. Sybil is filled with fear and longing at the idea of the things PD will do to her. He is exacting and thorough in his work. While she labors to satisfy his sadism, he seems entirely insatiable. He inspects her body. The pain she will suffer at his hands will be emotional as well as physical. Long before it is over she will be reduced to tears.

Elise Screaming for Mercy
PD has a soft spot for the screamers and the criers. Elise is one of his favorite play things because she happens to be both. Whenever he gets his hands on her her eyes begin to well up with tears. Once he starts to work her over the screams are beautiful. She loves giving away her control and he loves taking it from her. He is unbelievably cruel to her but there is no escape.

Emily Faces the Scorpion
Sister Dee loves her new little toy. Braided leather like a whip, running down to a soft tip. She will test this new Scorpion out on Emily. . It is an insidious little tool that has Emily screaming at the top of her lungs early and often. She will suffer through anything, though, if it means earning a reward from Sister Dee. To her an orgasm is worth any amount of pain and punishment.

Sister Dee Rails Emily Sister Dee is going to make sure Emily has been fucked into submission. She is going to bury her strap on to the hilt in her tight snatch. Emily loves getting pinned down and fucked like a cheap trick anyway. Getting used like this makes her so hot. It makes her orgasms so much more intense. Sister Dee has her cumming until she is completely worn out. Any break she gets will be brief.


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“Here’s Johnny….” He’s back and this time he is pushed further out toward the extremes on the pleasure and pain continuum. His first set is an endurance suspension, with lessons in how awful even tame stuff can be under the right circumstances. The back arch is just enough to make the lower back weight bearing. A painful situation alleviated only slightly by the chest and thigh support. The next set finds him held inescapably by his balls in a metal ball stretcher that doubles as a means to screw them to the nearest flat surface. He has no way of getting out or mitigating his situation. Unable to really move, he is given a heavy bone jarring flogging followed by his first heavy session with a single tail. He loves to have things stuck down his cock. This time the thing stuck down his cock is part of a P.E.S. “Corona “Cockhead” Stimulator with Urethral Amplifier.” Completing circuit A is a band around the base of his cock. Circuit B is from an electrode in his ass to an electostatic band around his cock and balls. All this is connected to the stim unit running a random routine off the net. A portion of the program must have been good…. He has the first “no external stimulation” orgasm on the site…


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Damian’s big, buff, and a bit wild. He arrived to his shoot with a 4 guage PA and six frenum piercings… He’s a mucle boy and takes a good deal of pride in that. So, he’s stripped and decorated. Then his piercings are turned into electrical contacts in a test designed to see how well all that mucscle will hold out. Of course, either way is good because it just allows for another kind of torture. And finally, he is put in stocks and a ring gag, slapped a few times for a warm up and then the punching begins in earnest. Turns out he likes that. And between his groans and the sound of flesh on flesh what’s not to like?

Chris T

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Chris T is here because he is into the scene and has a desire to have the InsexM experience. Each model offers a unique set of perks and, of course, challenges. The beauty of a veteran is You do not have to convince them that they want to do it, or nurse them through what that may mean about themselves. The beauty of this veteran is in his desire to please and willingness to embrace whatever form that takes. Sir C takes him on an exploration of trust… and pushes the envelope. A request for suspension materializes a game hanging with him as the game. From there he is put on his knees and has his life threatened. “The bag comes off when you get hard.” And to close, Sir C enacts one of Her fantasies with him… the one about the boy as meat on a human sized cutting board, complete with blood trough…